About us

The Best Interface

Easy to use disability friendly interface.Easy to navigate

Messaging System

You can message your friends through our system.


Verified Accounts

If you are an organisation ,you can varify your profile by filling out an appication to let us know and get a blue badge.

Incredible Features

Meet with like, minded people, form new friendships make new connections join groups. Post your news, images or any other media.


You can add and edit your profile at any time with applicable information.

Friendly Support

Users get technical support with payed and free accounts.Issues are dealt with promptly.

Our mission is to connect people with disabilities across Australia and from around the globe. Our club facilitates communication between individuals, they can network, discuss issues and make new friendships and much more.

About our  Founder:
Nathan Johnston is the founder of  disability club

I was born with cerebral palsy and live in Australia, in the state of New South Wales.
I am in a wheelchair and I have created disability club to bridge the gap that people with a disability feel on a daily basis, we want to connect with other like-minded people like ourselves.
I live on a rural property, in the locality of Brogo with my dad and my brother.

I have previously built a music streaming service called DME3 separately to this platform. I work at a disability organisation called Nardy House, where I look after their website and social media and plan respite activities for the organisation.