Frequently Asked Questions

To report a post, click on the three dots icon at the top right-hand corner of the post and select report.

Groups and members are reported in the same way.

We will email you the outcome of any investigation or action we undertake.


Yes, you can verify your profile and page with a verification badge if you meet our requirements, you can only apply after you fill out your profile information. Not all applications will be accepted at this stage. This link for the varication form is located at. you will receive notification once we review your request, please do not submit more than one request per account, for denied requests, you can submit a new request after a month.

Click on profile picture and a drop-down menu will appear with settings. In basic profile setting you can put your information and details

Click on the three dots icon at the top right corner and the post options bar will expand to show photo, slideshow, quote, GIF, file, video, audio and link icons. Click on the required icon and the upload icon will appear below the posts profile picture. Only mp4, ogg, ogv and webm video formats are accepted at this time. Audio files must be less than 10MB and in MP3 format.

Yes your account will always be free.

Yes, members can simply delete their account through their account settings

No to advertise your business you must have a plus business account to advertise your business

You can get a business account at Disability Club plus